Scalloped Edges









One: This skirt from Ann Taylor Loft is amazing. It was a bigger portion of my March budget (see here), but I had to have it. I know most of us have a few black skirts hanging in our closet, but the scallop hem makes it so very sweet. It helps add a dainty feel to whatever you pair it with. I’m in love.

Two: Stripes make everything better. I think I’m going to start a line of art prints, bumper stickers, and t-shirts with this saying. Any buyers? ;)

Three: Please ignore my awesome battle scars from saving my legs. I promise I’m 26, not 13 and just learning how to shave.


  • I bought the same skirt when Loft was having their 40% off sale!! I had to have it too because the scallops are so pretty!

  • Such a pretty skirt! And I won’t judge your battle scars. I fell down last October while taking outfit pictures, and my knee is still not completely healed. I’m afraid I will have that “skinned knee” look for the rest of time!

    • Oh no, Andi!! At least I’m in good company…I have a scar on my leg from a similar treadmill incident, and it has never healed. Let’s pretend we’re rugged? :)

  • i love special details like a scalloped hem, so i adore this skirt! and the orange belt is such a fun touch. oh, and believe me… i have never learned how to shave effortlessly. how do people do it?! i never escape a shaving unscathed.

    • Riiiiight?! Or miss a spot? Like what lesson/class did I miss?!

      • i wonder the same thing!! how have i gone like 20 years (whoa i’m probably showing my age) without learning how to properly shave. is it the razor? foam? nair? in the sink vs in the shower? google must have answers for this!

  • I think the scalloped detail trend is too cute! This skirt is no exception! I honestly didn’t even notice the scars until you said anything.

    • Thanks so much, Kate! I love that it is taking off as a trend.

      And hey, I’m glad they snuck by someone! ;)