For the Birds










First, Happy Birthday to my younger (and only) brother, R. May your day be full of cake and sunshine! I already miss your face, and it’s been less than 3 days since I saw you!

Secondly, another day, another animal graphic sweater look on this blog. Last time I wore it with green too (see it here), so I thought I would try that again, only with a bit tougher look. The exposed zippers and then menswear heels help to enhance a look that’s not so sweet.

It’s true, I might still be a little bit cutesy on days like this, but I’m okay with it. This look would work just as well with a plain tan sweater, it just wouldn’t be as cute. And that my friends…is for the birds.


  • Meghan Hayes

    I love it with the pants. It gives the outfit a lot of texture.

  • i love this sweater and getting inspiration for different colors to wear with it. you’ve convinced me it looks great with olive green – and of course i love the orange accent belt!