Five for Friday, Vol. 25 – Dark Blues/Blacks

*”Five for Friday” is where I feature five items from Target’s website that I am lusting after and feel could work wonders, if I had them in my daily wardrobe.

You know what I’m really loving lately? Dark blues and blacks to accent the bright spring pops and the calming spring pastels. You see navy works just as well with mint as it does with hot pink. The darks provide a ying-yang effect to the trendy/flashier items. There’s a balance to it all. Like salad for dinner and then froyo for dessert? I think I’ve got the concept down! ;)

  1. Merona Wiven Crepe Dress (two other prints too – I got the pink stripe one!)
  2. Merona Navy Eyelet Shorts
  3. Merona Striped Floppy Hat (seen on my insta here)
  4. Floral Sunglasses (seriously chic)
  5. Merona Strap Flat Sandals

  • What a cool print on that dress!!

  • Love the eyelet shorts! Might have to go stalk Target this weekend…(it’s your fault, Katie!)

    Liz @

    • I have broad shoulders, Liz. ;) I can take the blame…haha! I bought them for the honeymoon, they’re darling!

  • Rebecca B

    I never thought about navy as a good base for spring colors, but I reeeeally love the idea and agree that it works! Plus, looks like you found some awesome sunglasses here…

  • Meghan Hayes

    I’m very interested in those sandals! They look really comfortable and supportive.

    • After posting this, I read that they break really easily, so be warned (I haven’t not purchased/even tried them on, so no idea)!!