Rainboots and Stripes







Oh hey friends! I’m back from my honeymoon and better than ever….thank you all SO MUCH for your well wishes…it means the world to me that you’re so happy…and I’m so happy…and The Husband (crazy saying that…especially when I finally got use to saying The Fiance) is happy…and EVERYONE is happy.

Fun fact, this is my last blog post with my long wedding hair. I had it chopped off the day after the wedding, cried about it during vacation (like hardcore sobs), and bought some sparkly barrettes today to play around with it. So hopefully, I’ll learn to embrace it while it grows a little longer to my liking (suspense til tomorrow on how it looks, friends)!

In outfit/blog news, these red rainboots are from Target (online only), and while I didn’t keep them, I’ll have a full review up on Thursday about them! Lots of fun stuff coming your way now that wedding planning/drama is out of the way! I’ll be sure to post some wedding photos once I have those from my photographer (who is amazing by the way). So for now enjoy the rainboots and some vacay looks coming this week!


  • On Target item: Women’s Classic Knee High Rain Boots
  • Shirt (all in one): Ann Taylor Loft (exact – sold out online; check for one near you; similar 1, similar 2)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target (exact – tall and short styles online too!)

  • Congratulations on the new marriage! Also, I cut my hair off last summer (combination of trying to get rid of the remnants of a perm and wanting a change before turning 30), and I had major anxiety about it. My (balding) husband couldn’t understand what my problem was!

    • Oh my gosh, Amber! Thanks for saying that! Men…they just don’t understand! ;) I’m feeling better about it (mainly b/c all my coworkers told me it was super cute and styling), and bought some sparkly barrettes, so we’ll see how it goes! :)

  • ADA

    Hi Katie. I have stopped by your blog for the first time a month ago and have been reading and reading and reading. Sorry I haven’t found a minute to comment. First I want to congratulate you on a fantastic blog. Secondly I want to congratulate you on your wedding. Cannot wait to see photos.

    I really love what you do here and that you look like a million bucks on Target items and prices. Your Target features are awesome, too. This outfit is so simple and chic. The rain boots are gorgeous, Too bad they didn’t work out. Well, I pinned this.

    I’d love for you to stop by my little blog and hope you like it as well. You got a new fan in me.

    Thanks, Ada. =)

    • Oh my gosh, Ada! Thanks so much for the kind, kind, KIND words! You made my Monday! I’m off to your blog now! Thanks so much for reaching out! :)