Target Review: Classic Rainboots







So I tried these boots out in the hopes of finding some Hunter boot lookalikes for less. The Hunter boots (see some here, if you aren’t familiar) can be seen everywhere in fashion blogs nowadays. I didn’t end up keeping this pair, but I thought I would do a review of them, so you can decide whether or not YOU at home might want to snatch up a pair!


  • Price point (under $50)
  • 7 color options (some classic, some funky and fun)
  • 4 stars out of 5 reviews on
  • Adorable stripe lining
  • Cushy soles


  • Weird fitting (slightly tapered?)
  • Not even close to knee high on me (maybe I have long shins?)
  • Sizing seemed off (online reviews on agree)
  • Not adjustable like Hunters
  • All around bulkier look

Overall, I just didn’t have a need for the boots and didn’t love the way that they looked, but the red color was spot on, and I love the other colors too. If you’re in need of rainboots, check them out here: Women’s Classic Rain Boots

*For full outfit details, refer to Tuesday’s post.

  • I like the bright red color, but it does look like the fit is off. It’s weird that it kind of tapers at the top. I have a pair from Target, but I hardly wear them because the bottom lining keeps moving around.
    Sincerely, Sara

    • Tapers is the best word for it! And my rainboots from college do the same exact thing! #annoying

  • AJ

    I think they are cute, but they do look a little short. I’m not sure where you live, but I LOVE having a pair of rain boots in Ohio! They come in handy a lot more than I ever thought they would!


    • AJ – it monsoon-ed today in Indianapolis, IN (where I live!), and I could only think about your comment! Maybe Hunters or another pair of rainboots are in my future! :)

      • AJ

        I wore my rainboots to the office on Monday! I got a few comments about them, mostly people thought they were super cute! I encourage you to give rainboots a second try!