Five for Friday, Vol. 26 – Missed Opportunities

*”Five for Friday” is where I feature five items from Target’s website that I am lusting after and feel could work wonders, if I had them in my daily wardrobe.

So I definitely had vacation wardrobe jealousy while in the Dominican Republic. I had never been to an all-inclusive resort before, so I didn’t really know how to pack for the evenings Trust me, I can pack shorts, swimsuits, and beachwear with the best of them, but it was the nighttime wear that confused me. Do people really dress up that much on vacation?

Turns out (at least at the resort we stayed at), it kind of run the gamete. There was certainly some fancy dressers and outfits complete with high heels, stunning jewelry, and perfect updos. But there was also casual sundresses with beach hair, minimal jewelry, and flip flops. I kind of strayed in the middle. Fancier sandals, blown out short hair, and my “nicer” dresses.

I wish that I had packed a few more separates (like this skirt and blouse), a pair of heeled sandals, and some jewelry. Beyond missing my closet, I missed my Target shopping too…so here are some missed opportunity pieces that I would have added to my suitcase.

How do you dress on vacation? Laid back or up-a-notch?

  1. Xhilaration Pattern Skirt (umm seriously, this is a cool girl print)
  2. Merona Block Heels
  3. Juniors Chevron Top
  4. Seahorse Pendant Necklace (because I love a good theme)
  5. Merona Rope Print One-Piece Swimsuit (because you can never have enough)