Things I Like Lately, Vol. 6


Another things I like post coming at you. Feel free to skip over these posts, or just enjoy them with me (and leave things in the comments that you are enjoying as well, so that I can check them out).

This week I’m loving:

  • This photo: Taylor; being hair twins with Taylor, simple dresses; ladylike style
  • Just a nice reminder about life (don’t worry, mine is fine…I just like quotes!)
  • Sunsets, ocean, waves

You know what’s funny? The Husband is spending our first “normal” weekend as a married couple at a bachelor party in Louisville, KY! Which means I get to live the “single life” for the next two days. This likely will consist of at least one trip to the local ice cream stand, dance parties to Taylor Swift, trying on outfits, and some serious Hulu Plus catching up. You know…normal stuff.

What are you all up to this weekend?


  • Kristen Warren

    your hubby is in my hometown! or, rather, where I live. My hubby was out last night for his school’s prom so I overdosed on chips + dip and P&P a few times in a row. I absolutely adore Taylor’s dress in that pic!

    • Ooooo. I didn’t know you were so close, Kristen! I’ll yell if I’m ever down that way! Chips, dips, and Taylor…all the ways to my heart! ;)

      • Kristen Warren

        I didn’t know you were close either! cray. definitely holler at me, I’m not crazy – promise. only the good kind of crazy.

  • Preshcutie

    I hope hubs is enjoying all the southern hospitality Louisville has to offer and if he isn’t be sure to let me know!!!

    • He had a great time at Churchill Downs, and they ate at the same Bluegrass Brewing Company location that we did! So of course I had to tell him about singing the fight song there!

  • Sarah

    The Husband! Love it.