Save or Splurge?, Vol. 16: Peep Toe Cognac Booties

Save or Splurge? is a post where I’ll show you an item from Target and its higher end cousin.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m a little late to get on board with this trend. I saw these peep toe booties in a variety of colors at Target in like January. And HATED them. Then I tried a similar pair on at Kohl’s the other day while waiting for The Husband to figure out what dress shirt he wanted to buy. And LOVED them.There’s really no reason to not love them. They’re like ankle boots, but for spring! I just couldn’t get over the peep toe until I tried them on (Cinderella moment, anyone?). The Husband purchased the Kohls version for me in a beige color, but now I’m trying to justify another color.

Insert this week’s Save or Splurge post. Both pairs come in at least 3 different colors (4 for the Steve Maddens) and feature a wood blocked heel. Target’s version of the peep toe booties (on the right – here) retails for $35 (though I have seen them start to make their way to the 30% off shoe rack in stores lately) and is fake leather. The Steve Madden version is 100% leather upper and has a slightly higher heel (retails for $100 – here).

So what do you think? Are you loving the peep toe bootie look or no?!

  • Kristen Warren

    cute shoes! im not sure i am a fan of open toe booties. but really.. i need to tell you, i just finished allegiant. and i need some one to talk to. ha! im so sad and mad.

    • I was on the fence forever too…which is why I’m like 5 months late on the shoes. ;)

      OH MY GOSH! MEEEEEEE tooo. I didn’t happen to shed a few tears on the beach in front of lots of strangers while reading it. Nope, that was not me.

      • Kristen Warren

        thats ok, i didnt read it at work on my lunch break and scream and cry for like 30 minutes. my boss came out of his office – everything ok? and im like no, no no. NOTHING IS OK. stupid authors! and he was like… um, sure.