That One Time I Wore Pink









…but it was with blue AND stripes. And no, I didn’t lose my mind during the honeymoon, but yes, I did find some pink items from Target recently that I absolutely love: a stripe dress here) and this pink tee (which is sadly not online), both of which I bought this month (budget post coming soon). I’m also on the fence with this pink patterned shirt…what is wrong with me?

I own this shirt in several different solid colors and in white with stripes and navy with stripes. I get so much use out of the stripe versions and love the fit for layering and weekend looks that I figured it was an easy way to ease into pink.

Plus, it goes so great with this wall near our home. Fate, right?


  • You look so pretty in light pink! You should definitely wear it more often!!

    • Sara! You’re too sweet! I think we’ll make it a slow transition into pink, but who knows, I could go crazy one day?! Haha.

  • Kaci

    I almost bought that top at Target yesterday! I think it’s a sign that I should go back & get it.

    • Definitely go back. Haha! But seriously, I love it, and it would look great on you! And then we can be twins in Indy! ;)

      • Kaci

        I do need something to wear with a navy pencil skirt…I have no idea why I walked away from it the other day, haha.

  • Rebecca B

    Yayayayay pink! Glad you are branching out!!

  • Sarah

    Love the pink top!!