April 2014 Budget

Hey there April’s budget post! This month has been a blur: final wedding planning, actual wedding events, honeymoon, and getting back into the swing of normal life. I’m surprised I even had time to shop (but don’t worry, I have my priorities straight)! Full disclosure, I treated myself to some outside-of-the-budget items, mainly because I realized I needed all this stuff for the big events and felt it was fair to “cheat” this time. It’s cool, right?!

Check out April’s budget below to see the damage (sadly no time for thrifting this month!):


April 2014 Budget
+ Merona Pink Print Dress; Target – $20 ($25 originally – here)
+ Merona Chain Print Pants; Target – $22 ($28 originally – here)
+ Scroll Print Blouson Dress; Ann Taylor Loft – $33 ($79.50 originally – sold out online, super similar here)
+ Stripe Top with Chambray Built-in; Ann Taylor Loft – $36 ($59.50 originally – sold out online, check stores here)
+ Merona Pink Stripe Tee; Target – $6 ($12 originally – not online, check stores)
+ Red Flower Statement Necklace; Target – $8 ($17 originally – here)
+ Pink Bike Tee; Old Navy – $10 ($15 originally – here)
+ White Embellished Sweatshirt; Old Navy – $10 ($15 originally – here)
+ Military Green Drawstring Vest; Old Navy – $20 ($33 originally – here)
+ Navy Blue Sailboat Wrap Dress; Old Navy – $10 ($35 originally – warning my sailboats, along with half the reviewers online, were upside down…oh well? – here)
+ Bandana Print Tee; Old Navy – $10 ($15 originally – here)
+ Merona Navy Eyelet Skirt; Target – $18 ($23 originally – here)
+ Tortoise Shell and Crystal Necklace; Target – $20 ($25 originally – here)
+ Merona Gold Perforated Ballet Flats; Target – $12 ($20 originally – here)
+ Merona Stripe Blazer; Target – $0 = $21 – giftcard ($35 originally – 40% off Cartwheel for Merona – here)
+ Merona Tribal Sweatshirt; Target – $0 = $14 – giftcard ($23 originally – 40% off Cartwheel for Merona – here)

Goal: $250
Total Spent: $235*
Amount Under/Over: +$15 = $250 – $235
Total Saved: $225 = $460 (if not on sale) – $235
Item Count: 16
Carryover to Next Month: $21.30 = $6.30 + $15


Randomly bought “treats” for myself for wedding/honeymoon*: Merona cobalt blue ballet flats for post ceremony shoes (here); Loft lace skirt for rehearsal dinner (here), Target sandals for honeymoon (here), one pair of Merona shorts since all mine do not fit (here), Merona eyelet sweatshirt (here); and a Merona giraffe scarf (because why not – here).

*This little caveat will not get to happen again. I realize that I am scamming the system. ;)

Thoughts on my purchases this month: I love the look of the two photos associated with this month’s budget. Spring is probably my spirit season (though I also love fall). I love the mix of the soft pinks (did I really just say that…I think I’m growing up by adding a few pink pieces to my wardrobe) with the gray, black, and navy pieces I acquired this month. And this month was a good mix of shopping at my three favorite places: Target, Old Navy, and Ann Taylor Loft. I think I’m pretty set on spring pieces, so I’m probably going to scale back in May. June is my birthday month, so I’m sure I’ll go overboard then. :)

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  • You definitely deserved those extra items! I LOVE that cream lace skirt, along with pretty much everything else you got this month :)

    Katie | Style Diary

    • Thanks Katie! I don’t know if I deserved them, but I certainly took them, and love them. That lace skirt is AMAZING. Loft is so good lately!

  • you got some great items! I love love love that navy skirt. I thought it was J.Crew, because I tried one on a few weeks ago, but it was still so expensive. I’m tempted to order that one. And the giraffe scarf – I’ve had my eye on for awhile. I want it, but I have so many scarves… Trying to be good is tough!

    • Being good is tough…I completely agree. The skirt does look amazing in real life, and the scarf is too perfect (nice weight for summer)! Not to be an enabler…which I totally am!

  • Ele

    I may use my Old Navy cash for that bicycle tee, super cute. and I love those brown sandals. I have a nearly identical pair from Payless. I also really love the purple color they come in.

    • The tee is a little sheer, but TOTALLY worth it! And yes, those shoes seem to be everywhere, but a fun color would be perfect for summer!

  • You bought a lot of great stuff! Most of them seem seasonless, so you’ll be able to wear them year round!

  • You got some really great pieces, but at such good prices! I want every single one of those tees.

  • Meghan Hayes

    I’m with Fran. All the tees are fantastic. And YES! Your wedding is a fantastic reason to make exceptions. I excuse them. ;-P

  • I love the giraffe scarf. I’ve been patiently waiting for it to go on sale. That eyelet sweatshirt is pretty cool, too :)

    • Thanks Kate! I was waiting on the scar too, but giraffes are my spirit animal, so it had to be done! ;)

  • I love that Old Navy utility vest – it seems so useful. I completely think that a wedding/honeymoon is a reasonable time to set outside the budget a little! Plus, because these items will also be wedding associated, they will be so much fun to wear later! (I have a scarf and cardigan that I wore at the end of my reception – I love them still!)

    • I’m obsessed with the vest. I’ve worn it tons on the weekend and even tried to force it with a dress (did not work) for a housewarming party for a friend.

      And thanks so much for that point…my heels for the wedding didn’t count in the budget either, but I’m excited to wear some blue suede heels to work and remember that night!

  • I love that pink and navy striped top! I may have to get me one. The pink and navy combo is one of my faves-whether it’s light or bright pink. :) Stopping by from Budgeting Bloggers!

    Life & Leopard

    • It was a segueway for me into pink…which I’m still amazed that I voluntarily am wearing (such a grownup). I mean stripes and the navy blue certainly helped!

  • Kristen Warren

    jealous you got that flower necklace – it sold out before i could get it, and for $8! steal. i love that pink & navy top as well. that bike tee is super cute!

  • I love that Old Navy bicycle tee! How have I never run across it in all of my Old Navy perusing? Haha.

  • As usual I love everything you got. Now I need those Target sandals and Old Navy vest too! :)

  • ADA

    You did so so good. I know that’s a lot of shopping but so many pieces for such a great price each. I love and want everything you got, especially the bicycle tee, the tortoise necklace, flower necklace, the shirt-dress, the wrap dress, military vest, gray sweatshirt & navy shorts. Old Navy has been perfect this Spring. And of course Target is always on target (pun intended!!)

    • Thanks so much Ada! Love the pun, and I completely agree. Old Navy, Target, and Ann Taylor Loft (my three favs) are on it!

  • Jessa

    Love your purchases! And I picked up the same vest at Old Navy and love it, it’s a great buy. The bike tee is also so cute and all of your honeymoon buys are completely justified! hahaha.