Eyelet, Eye-lot









Oh hey, perfect eyelet sweatshirt that I just HAD to have. You’re darling…and so are weekends!

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Coffee, coffee, coffee
  • Day off from work
  • First Friday Food Truck tonight (all the food trucks in Indianapolis gather in one plaza…amazing food-fest!)
  • Bluegrass Basement with B and her fiance (double date night)!
  • This Buzzfeed article about best friends (hello besties!)
  • Speaking of besties, celebrating B’s Bridal Shower tomorrow! (but first to Target today for a present!)
  • Emma Stone. You win. Every. Single. Time. (this outfit and this lip sync)
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Social Security office visit (first step to changing the old last name)

Happy weekend, friends! Enjoy yours, while I’m probably still standing in line at the Social Security office. Bring me a pretzel or something, will you?!


  • On Target item: Merona Sweatshirt (exact – I mean, perfect right?)
  • Bedazzled Bobby Pin: Goody from Target (exact; set of 4 – yes, I’m pretty much 8!)
  • Jeans: Old Navy (exact)
  • Shoes: Candies, Kohl’s (present from The Husband; exact, similar 1, similar 2)

  • eye love this eyelet top!! (see what eye did there? haha) it’s perfect. absolutely perfect.

  • i love this top too, maybe because i bought the dupe from old navy! i love the fun shoes you’re wearing too :)

    • Hahaha. I think both Old Navy and Target may have copied off someone else, because they look identical! Thanks, Heidi! I’m trying to justify another pair in black, but I don’t know! ;)

  • That sweater really is perfect!! It’s so cute and the colors will go with everything!

  • ADA

    OMG that sweatshirt and your nude booties – love, love, love.

    I am still waiting on you to stop by my blog. Welcome by anytime.

    <3 Ada.

    • Thanks, Ada! And I did stop by last week and left some comments! Keep up the good work, lady!