Things I Like Lately, Vol. 7


Another things I like post coming at you. Feel free to skip over these posts, or just enjoy them with me (and leave things in the comments that you are enjoying as well, so that I can check them out).

This week I’m loving:

  • This Boden skirt…and the whole spring/summer no worries vibe.
  • Hummus and puns! Love love love.
  • infographs…too perfect for words.

I feel like I’m kind of going non-stop this weekend, which is always kind of fun. Yesterday was social security office/name change stuff, wedding shower present shopping (nothing like waiting until the last moment, B!) and bluegrass plus food trucks. Today is farmer’s market, wedding shower, and a night in. Sunday, I’m forcing The Husband to go to brunch (he pretends to hate it, but really loves it). So nothing out of the ordinary, just jam packed!

Anyone going to the Kentucky Derby this weekend? Or hitting up your own farmer’s market? Or anything else you care to share?!

  • that men’s sandals graphic is just so pricelessly funny and true. i love it. enjoy your weekend, it sounds like it will be a fun one!

    • A lot of the other graphics are great too! Thanks, Heidi! Hope you had fun this weekend too!

  • Haha, so true about the men’s sandals! Have a great weekend!