Here’s To You, Red and Blue!








Let’s talk about how this is a pretty simple outfit for work that almost anyone can pull off: skirt + patterned sweater + heels. A-line skirts flatter almost everyone, and the addition of the penny loafer heels keep it business casual and appropriate for nearly any office. The kicker for me in this outfit is the pattern of the sweater: a fun geometric print that’s not too busy AND is in my absolutely favorite color combinations (red and blue)!

We CAN also talk about how I went to ModCloth to look for some similar red/blue print sweaters, and I wanted to order everything and anything there. Specifically, this bag (I mean how perfect are those stripes!) and every single dress there…okay maybe not the pink ones.

Have you ever bought anything from ModCloth?! Any feedback?

ps. Apparently, Birkenstock-style sandals are ahit or miss trend. Some of you love them…and some of you hate them. Join the debate (check out yesterday’s post)!


  • Jennifer

    I LOVE this outfit! That patterned sweater is amazing, that skirt is adorable, and that necklace is on point! I would seriously wear this outfit and not change a thing.


  • I love the schoolgirl-ish vibe going on with this outfit! Cute skirt! I’ve bought a few things here and there from Modcloth that I really like. I wish I could buy more but they’re a little out of my price range, especially for the really nice stuff.

    • Definitely a slight schoolgirl vibe from the skirt and the penny loafers! Good feedback on ModCloth too! I’m right there with you on price though.

  • Kaci

    I used to buy fairly frequently from Modcloth. They have really raised their prices in the last year, so I haven’t bought from them in a while. Even their sale section & big sales (like Black Friday) used to be much more affordable. Twice a year though, they do a surprise sale – you pick your size, and for $15 plus shipping, they will send you something random. Some of the stuff I have gotten is cute, some of it I have given to my little sister. That’s the sale I would wait for with Modcloth.

    • Kaci – Great review of Modcloth. Bummer about the raise in price :(. Don’t they know I’m a budget-bound shopper?! Haha. That sale sounds super interesting, might have to at least gamble on that one when it comes up!

  • Sarah

    Love the outfit, and the recent mixing it up w/ outfit photo backgrounds!

  • ADA

    Loving this Outfit very very much. The blouse, the skirt, the shoes and even the necklace. Seriously IN LOVE!! Your hair is looking cuter and cuter. Don’t you feel bad for cutting it.

    Modcloth is another one of those things I have found quite pricey for what they offer. Sorry but I’ll pass.

    Also, I would love it if you supported my little blog and followed via Bloglovin. You know I adore your style, love and support you and your blog 100%. Thanks so much.

    Enjoy the weekend!! Ada. =)

  • Rebecca B

    I love ModCloth, but I never buy anything besides dresses because I think their other stuff is overpriced. I’m willing to pay $70 for a nice dress, but not $50 for a top. Even their skirts I have trouble justifying. Speaking of skirts, love this blue one!

    • Great point, B. I was hoping you would weigh in. I definitely agree with your pricing theory, because that’s the way I would work it too. $50 is reserved for dresses and spring/fall outerwear for me!