What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 26 – Global Navy

Global Navy

Global Navy by styleontarget

*“What I Wish I Wore Wednesday” utilizes Polyvore to show you an outfit with all Target items to communicate what I wish I was wearing on this Wednesday and just how easy it is to look cute on a budget.

I love the global print trend (see Sunday’s On Trend post here for more), but I think I have a hard time seeing it work in the office place instead of just for weekend wear. So, I wanted to see if I could make it work for the workplace, and I think I achieved that (with all things, a buttondown – shocker). Sure, it is colorful and a bit funky, but who doesn’t need that at work?

Items from the Look:

  • Kellie

    Love this skirt!! I looked for it in my local store but didn’t see it. May have to give in and buy it online! I think you nailed the “work” look…it’s important to me that I can wear most of my pieces both casually or to the office.
    Kellie @ http://www.ie-style.com

    • Kellie – I haaaate when my local store doesn’t have something, and I can’t get instant gratification, so I totally feel you there. And I completely related to the dual/triple/quadruple location wear of items. I’m a big fan of the 3-Different way rule (while holding this item, can I wear it at least 3 different ways) when looking to buy something!

  • ADA

    Hmmm I want everything. I am currently eyeing that skirt and necklace. Great minds think alike, what can I say. LOL

  • Rebecca B

    I love the skirt too! Def want to try on. I really like the idea of making the “global” trend office appropriate also.