On Trend: Nautical Accessories


Oh hey, super summer-y (yes I make up words) accessories! Thanks for making your entrance (finally) after such a dreary Midwest winter. There is nothing I love more than a good quirky print…and add to that a summer, nautical vibe, and you’re got me: hook, line, and sinker. These accessories are the perfect way to add a little bit of fun, nautical vibe to your wardrobe.

I mean, mini lobsters on a scarf and a picturesque sailboat regatta on my wallet? Yes, please. Are you on board too?!

  1. Merona Island Print Phone Case/Wallet
  2. Merona Sailboat Print Scarf
  3. Merona Sailboat Print Hard Case Wallet
  4. Merona Sailboat Print Wallet/Wristlet
  5. Merona Lobster Print Scarf
  6. Merona Starfish Hard Case Wallet

  • Rebecca B

    The yellow Island Print wallet is gorgeous. It looks like a dreamy version of the “Everything In Transit” album cover.