Target That Look: Dianna Agron

Every Monday, in the Target That Look feature, I will try to pick a celebrity look that I like and show you how you can get all the necessary pieces from your local Target for much, much less.

Another closet confession: I’m a Glee liker (I would say lover, but the last two seasons have been mad disappointments). I always thought the characters were great, since they were actually human beings (for the most part). For example, you may be the perfect and popular cheerleader, but you also come with flaws and imperfects. Insert Dianna Agron, who played that exact character, Quinn, in the first few seasons of Glee.

In addition to being a cool girl, her street style is easily obtainable, which is great for us! Mixed print dress + white denim jacket + classic oxford sneaks. And of course, the cool girl that she is, Dianna is sporting the 2014 “it” sunglasses with a gold-green mirror effect. Let’s all agree to be cool girls (juice not included).

Target That Look:

  1. Women’s Mad Love Gold Mirrored Aviators
  2. Merona White Denim Jacket
  3. Mossimo Quilted Crossbody Chain Bag
  4. Xhilaration Mixed Print Shift Dress
  5. Mossimo Supply Co. Oxford Sneakers

  • Rebecca B

    I reeeeeally like that dress, and it’s a good copy of hers! Nice find!

    • It is a little short on me, otherwise I would have bought it! The print is so fun! Thanks friend!

  • Kellie

    Great copy’s and finds!! I agree…boo on the last 2 seasons of Glee :-( I keep thinking it’s going to get better, but it keeps on disappointing! Good thing Target doesn’t! :-)
    Kellie @

    • Kellie – Thanks so much for the compliment…and agreeing about Glee! ;) I’ve just got to power through…and then head to Target ;).