Red Hot Start to Summer Season








You know what’s fun? Going out to eat at one of your favorite local spots (real name of the restaurant: The Local, no joke!) in a fun summer look (hello red wedges!) after your real estate agent tells you your house might sell very quickly and for a good amount once you put it on the market.

You know what’s not fun? Doing all the work to get your house ready for said market. But we’re doing it with as much energy as we can muster, so sorry if things are a little bit quieter here on the blog this week. I’m in full blown home-staging mode!

Any tips and tricks for me, besides painting my red kitchen a bland color (because I decide I’m not doing that)?


  • Good luck with the house stuff! I’m not sure I would have the energy to repaint all the walls. I mean, people know they can repaint if they want, and maybe they would want a different shade than the one you pick. When we got our house, the previous owners repainted the master bedroom after accepting our offer, so we were surprised that it was a dark gray color instead of a light blue. We probably would have repainted anyway, so they really wasted their time. And I mean, we had already bought it! So I don’t know why they did it. So weird. Oh, and I love this outfit! Stripes are fun!

    • So WEIRD, indeed! Our realtor has been cool for the most part, but he’s a red-kitchen hater! Boo. Painting is pretty much assumed on my part when going into a new house. Oh well, I’m sure it will be fine! Thanks so much, lady!

  • Love the red against the black!

    Liz @

  • This is such a cute look! I almost bought those red wedges at Target a few weeks ago, and now you’re making me wish I hadn’t put them back!

    • Caroline! Thanks so much! I can’t get enough of these wedges (I now own them in the blue/white stripe, these red ones, and the tan/gold flecked ones)! I already have a similar black pair that I thrifted, so I think I’m set! Maybe they’ll be there next time you are in Target?!

  • ADA

    You look adorable in this Nautical look. Love the dress bus especially in love with the red wedges.

    Good luck with all the house stuff too.