Weekend Wear










Ugh, Monday already? I spent my weekend buried in house stuff, but also managed to get out of the house for puppy walks (see here on Instagram), ice cream (Handel’s, you’ll always have my heart), and trips to Target to buy this dress (hello summer and very first maxi dress!). It was a little chilly here on Friday and Saturday, so I’m glad that I always have my sweaters available to slip on (example, see above for Saturday’s outfit).

I also cleaned out my overflowing closet, gave away some items, sold some other items to the local resale shop (cha-ching!), and kind of got pumped to mix and max some more with my own closet items. This is great, since I was overwhelmed with how much stuff I actually own and realized that I need very few items to make a well-rounded working closet (whoopsies). I’m going to try to keep that in mind the next time I’m in “dire need” to purchase something.

p.s. Anyone interested in doing a “Week of Skirts” hosting with me soon? I have SO many skirts to wear for the second (or even first) time that I would love to have a friend to go through this with! Let me know!


  • Rebecca B

    I love the casual outfit with the fun lip color. That really cheers it up. I’d offer to do “week of skirts,” but, you know, it’s not like that would be a challenge for me.

  • Krista Luedeka

    I would love a skirt challenge!

    • Krista – thanks so much for the response! I think it is happening soon! I’ll keep you posted!

  • I’ve been itching to go through my closet again! I went through part of my closet a few months ago, but I would like to organize it and get rid of really worn out pieces! Anyway, love the vest so much!

  • I love this look! The polka dot bag and chambray sneakers are so cute.
    A skirt challenge sounds great–I tend to neglect all my skirts in favor of pants. Now it’s actually warm enough to wear them regularly!

    • Thanks, Caroline! I definitely am guilty of that too. I think skirt challenge is happening! Now for a catchy name!

  • Great weekend look! Would love to do a challenge with you!

    Liz @ http://www.shoppingmycloset.com

    • Awesome, Liz! I’ll try to figure out the link up information and email you later this week to get some details flushed out!

  • Sarah

    I have so many neglected skirts! And enough free time to rack up the outfit photos. If you need another co-host, just let me know!

    • Yes, yes, yes! I would totally love that! I’ll email you and Liz (below) about it this week!

  • Yes!! A week of skirts sounds fantastic! I’m a habitual skirt buyer but hardly ever wear them. I need other people to force me to wear them more often. =)

  • I’m all in for a week of skirts! My closet is teeming with skirts. And we’ve already discussed the necessity of the vest briefly on IG. I love it all tied up and styled.