Birthday Wishlist 2014

No Save or Splurge post today, because I’m selfish and I want to talk about my upcoming birthday! Tune in next week for a Save or Splurge post to get your designer vs. budget style fix!

I take one step closer to 30 on June 10, and I’m always a big fan of birthdays! My birthday, The Husband’s birthday, my family’s birthdays, friends’ birthdays, on and on! My favorite part of birthdays is spending time celebrating that person and just hanging out (and cake, always cake), but I’m also a big fan of presents. We all are right?

So some hint, hints and nudge, nudges for the ones out there that are think of getting me a present…here are some things on my wishlist right now (spoiler alert, not all from Target):


  1. Capsule by Cara Arrow Bracelets
  2. Merona Polka Dot Tote
  3. Merona Blue/White Stripe Ponte Skirt
  4. Old Navy Sunkissed Lime Eyelet Dress
  5. Ann Taylor Loft Long Tassel Necklace
  6. Mossimo Supply Co. Denim Vest
  7. Merona Cambree Heeled Sandals
  8. Merona Yellow Mini Crossbody Purse

If your birthday was soon, what would you be wishing for?!

  • Sarah

    Not a bangle girl, but those are cool!

  • Love that polka dot tote! My birthday is on June 22nd and I’m saving up / hoping for lots of money to get a Canon Rebel T3i!