Casual Tribal Sweatshirt








Another casual look from this weekend! I’m feeling a lot more freedom on the weekend to come up with looks that don’t revolve around a pencil skirt or a pair of black dress pants (though I love both of those items and will continue to feature work wear looks on this blog).

Let’s face it though, few things beat an outfit that features a sweatshirt and slouchy boyfriend jeans. Comfort at it’s finest…plus, The Husband told me that I looked “cute and sporty.” Who doesn’t want to hear that?!

Key to these jeans? Buy a size or two up than you normally would, ignore the tag (because it doesn’t mean anything anyways), and wear them with everything!

ps. Yes, Mom…that is a teeny tiny bit of distressing on these jeans on the right side (my left). #sorrynotsorry :)