Embellished Sweatshirt to Graphic Wall









Remember this wall from Instagram (here)? I finally got the photos from a pre-brunch shoot LAST Friday up on the blog (yes, I’m now running a bit behind), but that’s okay. I’m loving the shots I’m getting lately, and love that you all appreciate the change in scenery! So thanks so much for the love!

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Taco date night last night topped off with Nicey pops (here)
  • Off of work for 3 days!
  • Gateway to summer and summer fun
  • Longest lasting days ever
  • Perfect weather all weekend long (or so it says)
  • Fingers crossed for a bike ride with The Husband tonight!
  • Scoring this tee for $6 in stores!
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Waking up before the alarm, ick.

Happy weekend, friends!


  • That sweater is adorable! I like the subtle embellishment! What a cool wall! I would totally take pictures in front of it too!

    • Thanks Sara! And it was such a fortunate wall find! I’m going to have to think of some other minimalistic looks so that I can go back and use it again!