May 2014 Budget

Not a ton to say about May’s budget…I tried to make wise budgeting choices and ended up with some really great things and stayed under budget. Which is a good thing, right?

Check out May’s budget below to see the damage (no thrifting this month either, but I did sell a ton of stuff after cleaning out my closet):


May 2014 Budget
+ Merona Tortoise Shell Pumps; Target – $22 ($30 originally – here)
+ Xhilaration Yellow Tribal Skirt; Target – $13 ($18 originally – here)
+ Merona Cambree Heels (Black) – $21 ($28 originally – here – can’t decide whether to get gold or cognac for my next pair)
+ Mossimo Supply Co. Sneakers (Chambray) – $12 ($15 originally – here – obsessed)
+ Merona Red Wedges – $15 ($30 originally – here)
+ Merona Beige/Gold Wedges – $8 ($30 originally – here)
+ Merona Blue Maxi Dress – $22.50 ($30 originally – 25% Merona Cartwheel – here)
+ Merona Orange Print Cardigan – $11 ($23 originally – $15 weekly ad – 25% Merona Cartwheel – here)
+ Merona Favorite Shirt Popover – $17 ($23 originally – here)
+ Mossimo Supply Co. Tee – black – $5 ($9 originally – here)
+ Mossimo Supply Co. Tee – pink/purple – $5 ($9 originally – here)
+ Merona Red/Blue Crepe Dress – $0 – giftcard ($25 originally – here)
+ Merona 3/4 Sleeve Boatneck Stripe and Flower Tee – $6 ($13 originally – here)
+ Old Navy Panama Hat – $12 ($15 originally – not online, similar)
+ Old Navy Black Dolphin Hem Skirt – $17.50 ($25 originally – here)
+ Old Navy Black with Flowers Dolphin Hem Skirt – $7 ($25 originally – here)

Goal: $250
Total Spent: $194
Amount Under/Over: +$56 = $250 – $194
Total Saved: $154 = $348 (if not on sale) – $194
Item Count: 16
Carryover to Next Month: $77.30 = $21.30 + $56

Thoughts on my purchases this month: I actually spent less than I thought, because I just made it a point to really think about things before buying, buying, buying (though I did have to stalk area Targets to find the red/white/blue dress worn here to find my size). I think everything is always going to go that fast…and they usually don’t.

I did place two orders that should be arriving shortly, but I’m not sure if I will keep everything. One was to Ann Taylor and their ridiculous 70% off sale flash sale (that my mom enabler-ed me into by forwarding the email announcement…thanks Mom!). I got this skirt, this shirt, and this sweater in maroon (that I have in black too – see here – and Taylor Swift has in navy – TWINS!). I also needed nude heels for B’s wedding, and I couldn’t beat at $35 price point for REAL leather pumps (here). Those won’t count towards the budget though (because I make up rules). I also order this romper from Target for $15 to see if I would like it as much as the one from Ann Taylor Loft (see here on Instagram). We’ll see, since you all seemed to like the Loft one on!

Next month, expect some damage, as it is my birthday month, and I keep eyeing tons of purses in Target (and everything in this post)!

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  • I love all the skirts you got! I looked at the dolphin hem skirts in Old Navy over the weekend and I really like them. Its a good thing they didn’t have my size though cause I don’t need any more skirts, lol!

    Katie | Style Diary

    • Thanks, Katie! I definitely don’t need any more anything! ;) But these were pretty great!

  • You always get so many great pieces! I love love love that striped dress! Sadly they didn’t have it in my local Target. :(

  • So many cute things! I really love the red wedges and pineapple shirt :)
    I also enjoy your word “enabler-ed”–my mom totally does that too!

  • Kaci

    Dang, you got those beige wedges for half of what I did! I really like them though, Comfy enough to wear all day yesterday!

    • I love them all so much! I didn’t think I needed the beige…until they were $8…then MINE! ;)

  • You always do so well with your budget and get a variety of pieces. I always feel like I get a lot of the same things. I also got the boatneck striped tee. I really like the fit of it.

    • Thanks Meghan! That’s a nice point that I hadn’t thought of, but I always love the pieces you get too! Love the tee too!

  • Wow! You did such a great job this month. How do you like the tortoise shoes? They have been on my radar for a bit now.

    • I’m actually obsessed with them and their snakeskin counterpoint (seen in Monday’s post). I’ve been wearing the snakeskin ones with EVERYTHING, and need to officially break out the tortoise shell! Thanks!

  • Ginny

    I just tried on those red wedges with high hops but they weren’t comfy on my wide feet. :( lots of cute pieces here.

    • Thanks Ginny! I feel that people found them to be hit or miss! I love that Kate Middleton and J.Crew had similar styled pairs, so I was hook, line, and sinker! ;)

  • Wow you got a TON of great deals!! All those awesome Target finds like those adorable wedges. Love them! Ooooo and that GORgeous maxi dress! I’m swooning over your new closet additions. Loving them!
    Stopping by from Franish :)
    Exploring My Style

    • Hi Lauren! Thanks for stopping by, and yes, love a good deal over here! I need to get that maxi up on the blog, because it’s perfect for spring!

  • I absolutely love all of the pieces you got! That print skirt is especially gorgeous!!