Skirt Week Day 2: Paisley and Pops of Color








So, no better time than Skirt Week to bust out a skirt that you have never. ever. worn before!

Enter this paisley skirt that I couldn’t decide originally if I liked or not. Well, like most other pencil skirts from Target, it fit perfectly and wore me down, since it can be worn with SO MANY colors! I had to have it, and once I had it, then it just hung around, until the recent closet clean out. It got bumped to the front (aka to prompt me to wear it), and the rest is history!

Are any of you rocking an old skirt (or neglected one, like mine)!?

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Can’t wait to keep seeing your looks!!


  • This bright orange looks great on you! It’s such a fun color!

  • Sarah

    Bold patterned skirts are so hard to wear sometimes! I have one I’m struggling with too, but I don’t think it’ll be making an appearance this week.

    • Sad face, but yes, totally agree! And this one almost has two patterns! Oh well, I should be able to find plenty of colors to wear with it ;)

  • I remember that skirt from when it was in stores a little while ago, and I now wish I had bought it when I had the chance! I really love the way you’ve styled it here with the bright tie neck blouse. So cute!

    • Fear of Not Buying gets me ALL the time! Which is why I have too many skirts to begin with! Thanks so much, Caroline!

  • I love the bold colors in this outfit so much!

  • i can’t believe you had never worn this skirt before! i own it too (of course you knew that was coming) and i love all of the colors to choose from to wear on top. i really love the look you put together here with the coordinating tomato red top and that great jacket!

  • This color combination is GORGEOUS!

    dash dot dotty