Mixing and Definitely Not Matching







Sooooo not exactly the world’s most conventional skirt look, but definitely one that was comfortable, casual, and cool and perfect for the end of Skirt Week 2014! I’m not afraid to mix prints and patterns, and this is just another one of those times that I did!
And yes, these shoes again.Obsessed doesn’t even cover it anymore.
Today’s fun highlights:
  • Skirt Week 2014 was super fun! Big thanks to Sarah and Liz and everyone else for joining me!
  • Our current house will be up on the market this weekend! (so nervous)
  • First Friday Food Trucks tonight!
  • Seeing my parents this weekend and having burnt hot dogs on the grill. Does anyone else just love their hot dogs semi-burnt?
  • So much love from family and friends this week!
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Nothing, I’m pretty blessed!

Happy weekend, friends!