Red Striped Wednesday








Holy cats, how is it already Wednesday? Our home inspection for our new (to us) house is today, so The Husband and I took the morning off of work to go for a breakfast date and see the home one more time while the inspector was there. Keep your fingers crossed that it went well and that The Puppy won’t have to live in a cardboard box.

Or we can just move to Paris, where this outfit is perrrrfectly acceptable! Backup plans, my friends!

  • On Target item: Mossimo Bucket Bag/Purse (exact, comes in brown too – $11.54 online right now!)
  • Sunglasses: Old Navy (super old; similar 1, similar 2, similar 3)
  • Top: Forever 21 (thrifted, similar 1, similar 2)
  • Black Jeans: Denizen, Target (exact no longer available online; similar in straight leg here)
  • Ballet Flats: Merona, Target (exact – so many other colors too!)

  • You always wear stripes to perfection! That bag is really nice! I want this week to end so it can be my birthday weekend!

    • It’s because I have toooooo many of them! I’m bound to get something right! Happy birthday, Sara!

  • Paris has my vote! This is so Parisian for sure. I love this. Stripes are amazing.

  • Sarah

    Love your shoes! I need to get myself one of those pairs.

  • That bag is so pretty! And Paris sounds like an EXCELLENT back-up plan!

    dash dot dotty