On Trend: Birkenstock Style Sandals


Time to face the music. Birkenstocks are back. I warned you in this post (here), but they’ve only gotten more popular since then. It’s official big enough to warrant a full On Trend post (huge honor here), and I’m trying to convince myself not to buy the black pair. B can attest to this, since I probably text her once a week about it.

Are you feeling the Birk trend? Check out some cheaper options below from Target to get your fix!

  1. MUK LUK Brown Duo Strap Terra Turf Sandals
  2. Sam & Libby Olive Braided Strap Sandals
  3. MUK LUK Gray Duo Strap Terra Turf Sandals
  4. Sam & Libby Silver Studded Sandals
  5. Sam & Libby Silver Studded Sandals
  6. MUK LUK Green Duo Strap Terra Turf Sandals
  7. Sam & Libby Brown Braided Strap Sandals
  8. MUK LUK Pink Duo Strap Terra Turf Sandals

  • I can’t do it! I just can’t get past how I feel about pictures of me in them at 8 years old. Oh birks. So comfy and so hideous.

    • Hahaha. Flash backs to the past are NEVER good! I snagged the last pair in my size at my Target and am considering whether to keep them for real or not. #targetproblems

  • I’m not a fan of these shoes at all! They look big and clunky. Sandals and sneakers are just as comfortable I’m sure!

    • I thought I couldn’t. And then I made the mistake of trying them on. I’m afraid if I wear them, I’ll fall in love (or wear them only once or twice). Ahhh! Dilemma!

  • Rebecca B

    Ooo, pretty green colored version. WAIT NO AH

  • Preshcutie

    I agree with Meghan– I’d feel like I was in elementary (or even middle ack) school again. I’m just not granola-y enough for them I don’t think. Also, I’d be afraid my prepster membership might be revoked? But they are super comfy….and the pink is kind of preppy? #firstworldproblems

    • I can only, only see you in the pink, and you’re probably right. I need to think about this some more!