Actual Birthday Dress


What’s that? A new blog layout/design you see? I figured with a new house coming up next month, that this home on the internet could use a fresh coat of paint too. Hope you like it! Let me know if anything is buggy/weird!

This is the outfit that I actual wore for my birthday celebration two weekends back. I recreated the look this weekend to take pictures, so enjoy!


  • Preshcutie

    Love this dress, always and forever. And loving the new blog layout! Especially the picture that features your description & has the social media links beneath it on the right hand side (know what I’m talking about?) Gives everything a fresh, summery, vibe!

    • Thanks so much, C! I’m a big fan of “this old thing” as well, and thanks for the blog design love (I totally know what you are talking about). Exactly what I was going for! Clean and fresh!

  • Kaci

    Okay, I have to know where you are thrifting these awesome purses from!

    • Simply Chic. There’s one in Fishers, one off of 86th Street, and now one on the border of Carmel/Noblesville. They’re amazing! Don’t steal all the good stuff, ;)!

      • Kaci

        Seriously? It’s been a while since I went to the one on 86th Street (it’s super close to my new apartment), but I usually find nothing besides beat up old Vera Bradley bags in their purse section. Haha.

  • Loving that awesome quilted bag–and the awesome price tag!

  • Perfect birthday dress! Sassy and fun!! I love the little braid in your hair!

  • what a perfect dress for a birthday out! i just love how feminine it is paired with the leather jacket!