Yay, Bikes!


True life: I love bikes (and polka dots and puppies and stripes and coffee and…), which is why I had to have this sweatshirt. I love bikes so much that while on a trip to San Diego, I discovered this bad boy of a magnet (here) and had to have it. It still is on my fridge.

They actually have a whole range of “Yay!” things (743 magnets at the time of this post), so you can get whatever you’re “Yay!” about. Yay! Sock Monkeys!, anyone?

And Yay! Target! is not on there. Or I would have that one too!


  • So cute! I love thin sweaters like this! I have one that says LOVE and it’s perfect for when it’s just a little breezy! Yay to bikes!

  • This sweatshirt sold out in a hot minute at my Target. It was so disappointing. I miss so many of the cute things. I always loved my bike growing up, but once I could drive, I loved my car. Driving is one of my favorite things.

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