Let’s Get Down to Business


To defeat the Huns… (if you read the title of this post, you know the song from Mulan is stuck in your head now).

I wore this to work last week, and it’s a trick I have to make things way more appropriate for work. It’s a trick I’m going to let you in on today. Lean in real close, it’s a secret.

Put a blazer on it.

Trying to wear a maxi dress that you normally wear to the beach to the office? Put a blazer on it.

Wearing a white t-shirt with printed pants? Put a blazer on it.

Wearing a cute dress with open toe booties that might not be office appropriate? Put a blazer on it.

It’s that simple.


  • Yes! I love Mulan so much! That’s my trick too! This whole week I threw on my pink blazer over everything and it totally works! The print on your dress is really interesting! It kind of looks like you’re seeing the lights of a city in the water!

  • Haha! I definitely have that song stuck in my head now…but that’s not a bad thing in my book. I, too, add blazers to a lot of outfits for that much needed structure and polish. You look so cute!

    • If it makes you feel any better…I had the song in my head for a solid week after writing this post!

  • OMG YESSSSSSSS!!!! When I saw the title I IMMEDIATELY started singing it. One of my all time favorite soundtracks. After seeing you wear this, I decided I definitely need a camel colored blazer, especially for fall. And I totally took #2 to heart for my Monday post. Blazers: classin up the joint.

  • LOVE the pattern of this dress! And yes, MULAN was seriously one of my favorite Disney movies ever. And I can sing this whole song word for word, no stumbling through it because I love it a bit too much ;)

  • I love this outfit!! So perfect… and so is your title. Is it crazy that when I read the title I automatically thought of Mulan’s song, even before I scrolled down? Haha (;