June 2014 Budget (aka Birthday Bonaza)

Whelp, happy birthday to me this month. Did some damage due to that and the fact that I do not have ANY short sleeve or sleeveless tops and it was a scorcher here in late June! I knew this budget buster was coming, but I wasn’t expecting a Madewell tote to sneak in there (perfect for our upcoming trip to Hawaii – can hold a camera and a wallet safely – and well, for everyday life).

Check out June’s budget below to see the damage:


June 2014 Budget
+ Mossimo Black Short Sleeve Romper; Target – $15 ($30 originally – here)
+ Merona Black/White Ski Sweater; Target – $7 ($25 originally – my tiny bit of patience paid off – here)
+ Mossimo Ivory Bucket Bag – $16 ($32 originally – here)
+ Merona Seersucker Shorts – $12 ($20 originally – here)
+ Merona Beige Stripe Dress – $0 ($28 originally – giftcard – not online)
+ Merona Black Sleeveless Blouse – $20 ($20 originally – here)
+ Merona White Sleeveless Blouse – $0 ($20 originally – giftcard – here)
+ Mossimo Supply Co. White Crewneck T-Shirt – $8 ($9 originally – here)
+ Mossimo Supply Co. “Grape Squeeze” Crewneck T-Shirt – $8 ($9 originally – here)
+ Mossimo Supply Co. Black and White Stripe Crewneck T-Shirt – $8 ($9 originally – here)
+ Merona Favorite Popover Shirt in White – $0 ($23 originally – giftcard – here)
+ Mossimo Black/White Stripe Blazer – $30 ($35 originally – here)
+ Merona Black/White Stripe Terry Shift – $11 ($24 originally – here)
+ Mossimo Supply Co. Black and Tan Flat Sandals – $20 ($20 originally – here – obsessed with these, need them all!)
+ Mossimo Supply Co.  Tribal Flat Sandals – $13 ($20 originally – here – so then I bought these on sale at my Target)
+ White Bib Necklace – $10 ($17 originally – 40% Cartwheel – here)
+ Ann Taylor Collared Maroon Sweater – $15 ($79 originally – 70% flash sale – here)

Goal: $200
Total Spent: $193 + $71 in giftcards
Amount Under/Over: +$7 = $200 – $193
Total Saved: $139 = $332 (if not on sale) – $193
Item Count: 17
Carryover to Next Month: $84.30 = $77.30 + $7

Thoughts on my purchases this month: I honestly might even be forgetting stuff. This month was a BLUR. I received some great birthday presents from my parents and all of them were from Target, so you’ll see those scattered around the blog I’m sure (like this neon yellow purse).


Birthday Presents to Me (From Me)
+ Madewell Mini Transport Tote Crossbody Purse (here – in pecan and super on sale when I bought!)
+ Loft Fluid Shorts in Tan (no longer available online)
+ Loft Multi-Strand Tassel Necklace (here)
+ Loft Geo Print Pencil Skirt (petite sizing available here)
+ Loft White Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt (here – the cutest collar!)

Happy Birthday to me, indeed! July is projecting to be super busy (holidays, weddings, and moving, oh my!), so I’m hoping to not have very much time to shop! ;)

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  • Love the black and tan sandals! I’ve been mixing brown and black a lot lately.

    • Samesies! Which is why these were a “need” not a “want”….just kidding. No needs here ;) Thanks Aubrey!

  • That romper is absolutely adorable!

  • Haha! One of the other budgeting bloggers was calling this her list of confessions month! I though that was throughly appropriate, especially for me too. You always get such a haul! And great pieces too. Did you realize that you got yourself an entire outfit in the from me to me presents? Like a really cute outfit too.

    • That is hilarious. That’s how I feel every single time…like do I want to tell everyone about all of this again? Hahaha.

  • So many cute things! You’re an excellent curator of Target fashion :) I’m kicking myself for not picking up that black and white sweater when I saw it in the clearance section. I’m looking forward to seeing how you style it!

  • You seriously got so many amazing pieces!! I need to get better at budgeting!

    • Thanks, Sara! I’ve found it takes a bit of patience, but my closet is overflowing with stuff, so I probably can have some patience while I wear all that stuff! :)

  • Love those sandals! You got some great things from Target :)

  • You got so many great pieces! I need to start hunting more at Target – all those black and white items are so chic!

  • Wow you got a ton of great pieces this month! I can’t believe how many items you found at Target! I love their dresses and their sandals, especially the brown and black pair that I’m swooning over!
    Stopping by from the link up :)
    Exploring My Style

    • Thanks, Lauren! Definitely check out those sandals! I now have 3 pairs (added the glitter ones) and love them all!

  • Can we just trade closets? and by trade I mean, you give me everything in this post. Those shoes, all the shirts, that loft skirt I’ve had my eye on forever, AND THAT MADEWELL TOTE. okay that would be super, thanks ;)

    • Girrrrrrlllll…I’d trade closets with you in a hot second! But real trade, ;). Thanks for the love!