Red, White, and Blue, and Leopard Too


Welcome to Red, White, and Blue week here at Style On Target, where basically I just use this upcoming patriotic holiday as a chance to wear my favorite color combination on repeat.

I wore this look last week on Thursday, where we randomly had jeans at work, but it was way too hot, so I chose a skirt, which is now my summer default. I had originally thrifted this skirt last year to distress it and have a cool distressed skirt, but then realized that I’m not that cool and then probably couldn’t wear it to work. So it stayed fancy (or as fancy as a denim pencil skirt could be), and now I have this look.

Slightly preppy, slightly sassy, and slightly patriotic, which is exactly how I would describe my style on any given day. Win, win.


  • “Red, white and blue and leopard too” also known as “how to make a denim skirt look fancy.” Which is unusually hard and you did it so well!

    • Hahaha. I felt the same way until I stumbled upon this mixture. The pencil skirt style helps too! Thanks, friend!

  • Now I totally need a gingham shirt! It’s so cute for summer!

  • Cute! I love the idea of adding leopard into the mix for a fun twist. Can’t wait to see all your other patriotic looks!

  • ADA

    This look is easy, comfy, chic and totally Americana. Love that you are doing a red, white + blue week. I am actually doing a Dress Week focusing on Nautical, Americana inspirations though. Come check it out!!

    I haven’t heard from you in a long while. Hope all is well. =) Happy July, dear. <3 Ada!

    • Oooo. I’m heading over to check it out later today! Sounds like a fun vibe! Thanks, Ada!