Red, White, and Blue, and Patterns Too


There is nothing more Americana in my opinion than denim, and it makes a easy pair with red, white, and blue. Especially for some casual outfits, which is literally all I want to wear lately.

Plus, I could wear these sneakers. I bought gray sneakers because Kate Middleton has gray sneakers*.

*This theory could be applied to pretty much everything in my closet.


  • ADA

    I want EVERYTHING you are wearing here. OMG It is perfect and Nautical which means 100% my style. Love it all, especially the dress and necklace. =)

    • Thanks, Ada! Definitely a slight nautical vibe, which I’m always on board with (pun intended!). :)

  • Yes please for casual outfits!

  • Kaci

    Confession time: I have been thinking about buying grey sneakers for the same reason. And I’m not even a sneakers person.

  • Preshcutie

    This necklace is something I think could fit in with my new purchases that I showed you….perhaps the white one to give me more options to wear it with? Agree with Ada that this is the perfect nautical look…now if we could just find you a yacht???

    • Definitely the white one would be great for you! Be careful though, you wear a ton of v-necks, so this type isn’t really great for that! Good luck accessorizing! :)

  • That dress!! Sooo cute! I like that this outfit is red, white, and blue but isn’t in your face American.

  • I love this outfit! You styled it perfectly (:

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