Red, White, and Blue, and Chambray Too


Chambray is such a lovely invention. Kudos to whomever discovered this material/color/whatever it is considered. Sign my autograph book, please? It’s like Denim Lite, but better.

It also makes a crazy easy base for a patriotic outfit. Red, white, and chambray, anyone? I missed out on the chambray blazer that Loft had early this year, so I had to make up for it with these darling shorts (also a birthday present that apparently I didn’t include in my monthly budget recap…whoops).

Also, I thought my computer was broken for pretty much all of last night, so mad thanks to The Husband for doing his nerd thing and fixing my computer. Smooches to him.


  • I’m glad you’re computer is okay! Also, I agree with you on chambray! I don’t wear it often because I only have one chambray piece, but I love it too! Those shorts are perfect!

  • Denim lite! LOL! Or it’s like eating the real thing but without having the calories. Now I want to research chambray… that bag looks AMAZING too.

    • Hahaha. Exactly Meghan! The bag is lovely, I had buyer’s remorse for like 5 seconds and then loooooooved it. The initials and the stripe lining are so on point!