Tropical Prints


Tropical prints were a trend this spring/summer that I just couldn’t get for a bit. I love my dad lots, but I don’t usually love his Hawaiian shirts (epic story about a pineapple one from the past that came back to bite me in the you-know-what when I wrote this post), so I couldn’t figure out why this trend was gaining traction.

But then I figured out that dress from last year’s Mossimo collection at Target was more tropical print than the watercolor print I thought it was, and I realized that tropical prints can be cool!

So now I want even more. Typical Katie.


  • Besides cute pineapples, I’m also not really into the tropical prints trend, but this dress is a cool combination of tropical and watercolor, so that makes it really awesome!!

  • I got into the tropical prints when there was the Webster for Target line a couple years ago–the whole line went on clearance just in time for my honeymoon! Ever since then though, I haven’t really been buying new tropical pieces. I really love your dress here!

  • Rebecca B

    I really like the Dorothy Perkins skirt in the ad at the bottom. <3 I dig the tropical prints, I just think it's sad that you can't really wear them past summer… :(

  • Kaci

    I pretty shamelessly love tropical things, both decor and clothing-wise. Currently debating getting this tropical shirt at Old Navy:

  • This type of print is gorgeous for summer and it’s the best with that blazer. I love the blues together!