B’s Bachelorette Bash Dress


Guys, B is getting married this week!!!!! And if you couldn’t tell by my use of exclamation points, I am excited!!!

It’s about time that I get up the outfit I wore for her bachelorette party two weeks ago, since she’s soon to be a Mrs. Just a tribal fit and flare dress that I wore for my birthday party last year. I jazzed it up with a very detailed wide belt (see below for more great belts – the last one from Forever21 is my favorite!) and opted for some summer wedges for walking in downtown Indy.

We had mimosas (no way, right?!), went on a winery tour, sat on a patio that featured live music while 8 of us shared bottles of wine and blocks of cheese, boozed it up at several local bars (margaritas), and even convinced another friend (C) that she liked guacamole! A safe Uber ride back (seriously try this service if your city offers it) and a slumber party at B’s home was our endcap to the night! So fun and perfect company!

Ps. Spoiler alert, not to steal B’s thunder, but I’m also posting about my own wedding this week. Stay tuned on Tuesday and Thursday for those of you that have been waiting patiently!


  • I can’t believe that dress is from Target. The pom poms are too cute. Great details for a weekend on the town.

  • Rebecca B

    I will never stop loving this belt. I’m so glad you got it! And the bachelorette party was AMAZING! 8)

  • Sydne Summer

    Great dress – I love the print! xx Sydne


  • I absolutely love everything about this dress! The print, the fit, and that awesome belt!