Hint of Bumblebee


Sounds like a weird witch recipe right? “Hint of bumblebee, dash of…”

It’s not though. It’s just what this outfit tends to whisper to me. The yellow belt complements the blue shirt, sure, but it also makes me think of a bumblebee when paired with the stripes in the skirt.

Which is great, because everyone wants to look as busy as a bee at work, right?


  • Kaci

    Love the belt! I wouldn’t have thought of that color combination!

    • Thanks, Kaci! I lucked into, but yellow and blue are opposites on the color wheel, so I should have known!

  • I really like this look! And, I happen to have very similar pieces in my closet already. Noted for future inspiration!

  • kelly

    Very cute look! The yellow belt is the perfect little pop.