Wedding Recap 1

*All photos taken by the lovely and talented Bailey Roberts Photography. If you need an Indianapolis wedding photographer, she’s your girl!

So you’ve been waiting like nearly 3 months to read this (pins and needles, I’m sure), but I’m finally getting around to sharing some bits and pieces from our wedding. Cue the horns. I’m going to break this up into two posts: one today and one on Thursday.

It was honestly a magical day (April 12, 2014, to be exact) that I do not remember a lot of (I hear lots of people have this problem). The day flew by, and at the end of the day, I had a new last name and a new ring on my finger.

Oh and this stud, forever and ever!

weddingcoupleThe wedding vibe I was going for was mostly classic, a touch vintage, pretty (but not girly), and had to involve stripes once I saw this Pinterest pin. I knew I wanted Colts blue somewhere in the theme (shocker from my friends and family, not), and I didn’t want to go color crazy, so I kept to shades of blue, black, and white for our color theme. I also wanted to have some kind of subtle theme, so The Husband and I talked about it for like two seconds and decided why not bikes? We love our bikes (he actually bought his upgraded bike while we were dating) and constantly are taking them for outings and dates. It was perfectly us and perfectly lovely.

So details?

bridegettingreadyDress: I tried the David’s Bridal route with my mom and my two besties/bridesmaids, but wasn’t a huge fan of the experience, the prices, and just the collection of dresses in the store. I’m also just not a “wedding” girly girl (kind of surprising, since I run a blog based on fashion/style), so the dress had never been my dream (the stud of a husband was)! The Husband’s mother suggested I check out this store in their hometown, and I hit a homerun there. The store has normally priced, current season dresses, and then they have a $200 dress room, a $100 dress room, and a $50 dress rack. Spoiler alert: I tried on probably 10 dresses that day and scored with this $54 dress (after taxes). It was beautiful, detailed (but still simple), and a size too small (hah). Luckily, I know a great tailor in Indy, who let it out just enough, and I solicited advice on some awesome shapewear from some friends. The rest is photographic history – aka it fit!

accessoriesAccessories: My mom (from the start) wanted me to wear a veil, and I wasn’t convinced that I wanted that traditional bride look. I’m so glad she convinced me, because this piece was handmade by mom by literally piecing together history. The actual veil was cut from my mom’s hat that she wore to her wedding. She sewed it to a brand new hair comb (thanks JoAnn’s!) and then hand stitched lace trim from a box of remnants left from my great-grandma – a woman my mom was so close to. I want to cry just thinking about how much work, love, and time each of these elements have seen. It was the perfect look (even if it did blow off during the ceremony into my mom’s lap).

I wore a handful of pearl necklaces (three I already owned on my own and one from my other great-grandma), new “pearl” earrings from Target (had to have something), cobalt blue pumps that I thrifted for $8, and a six pence in my shoe from my dear grandma (sidenote: I still have it to send to you Grandma! – she’s a loyal Style On Target follower). The bow tie is what The Puppy (Cooper) wore in his duties as the “ringbearer” (photo to come Thursday).

bouquetsBridesmaid Dresses: From Target, duh! I wanted to go with a low budget option (because no one ever wears their bridesmaid dress again), and this one fit the bill. It was the right color, cost me $22 per dress, and was easily dressed up by the girls own nude pumps, colored necklaces from Etsy (love this designer I worked with), and a striped ribbon sash.

Flowers: There are very few blue flowers it turns out. Luckily, one of them is hydrangea, which I love to death (they also wilt incredibly fast, warning). My florist, Lilly Lane (adorable name right), was amazing. The owner Becky helped me recreate Kate Middleton’s bouquet (shot here) for much, much less. The bouquets, alter piece box (see above for a shot of it – gorgeous), and centerpieces (more on them Thursday) all featured mixes of tulips, hydrangeas (both white and blue), baby’s breath, and some more that I’m forgetting.posedshotsThe Husband’s Look: Tux rental (just their most classic style) from Men’s Warehouse and a special stripe tie just for him (all the groomsmen had solid navy ties). I gifted him with a tie clip (stamped with a tiny bike, of course) and a love letter before the ceremony. His (fake) lily of the valley boutonniere echoed my bouquet perfectly and was still slightly masculine (as much as flowers can be?).

On Thursday, I’ll recap some other things, including our cake, centerpieces, and some more wedding details (including The Husband’s gift to me). Stay tuned!




  • Rebecca B

    Gorgeousssss and fun to relive your happy day! :)

    • Awwwwwww. Thanks B! Your sneak peek photos just went up today, and I feel the same way about your big day! :)

  • You look sooooo gorgeous! I love everything about your wedding! All of the details are perfect! I love all of the blue! Your dress is amazing and I can’t believe you got it for $54! What a steal! I think it’s a great idea to get the bridesmaid dresses from Target — smart! I also love that your mom made the veil for you from pieces of her own veil and your great-grandmother’s! The pearl necklaces look so classic!

  • We also used Lilly Lane – Becky is the best!!

  • Oh my goodness, this is so gorgeous! I’m super jealous that you got a dress for $54! I thought I got a good deal for mine and I think it was $300-something. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

  • kelly

    No way was that beautiful wedding gown $54! Ive never heard of such a thing. Im amazed! You look stunning- a perfect bride!

    • Right? The place was amazing, and I’m so lucky that my tailor could make it work! Thanks so much!