Wedding Recap 2

*All photos taken by the lovely and talented Bailey Roberts Photography. If you need an Indianapolis wedding photographer, she’s your girl!
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I’ll just try to sum up the rest of the details in this post, and share some more photos!

brideandgroomThe Puppy: Before we got married, I told The Husband that the only two things I wanted to happen at the wedding (besides marrying him and someone wearing Colts blue) was The Puppy (Cooper) to be a part of it and for him to play a song on the guitar (he played “Here Comes the Bride” at his sister’s wedding and it was magical). Well, he must have heard me during the 100 times I told him this, because behind my back, he and his mom coordinated Cooper’s presence at the wedding (cue the awwwws).

Turns out he can’t keep secrets though, because he told me about this secret plan about two months prior to April. That’s when you know you married a keeper, folks. He coordinates this whole big secret and then can’t keep it to himself! Win-win.

reception2Photographer: Best decision that I made for the wedding! Photos were a huge deal to me, and photographers get expensive, real fast. I can’t say enough about Bailey Roberts and the team she came with (I hired two photographers and Bailey was training another one, so it was a big photographer party). She’s extremely affordable and does amazing work (though she did nab a whole album of terrible face “bloopers” by yours truly…what can I say, I’m just an expressive dancer – see the above right photo…that’s my brother, R).

B’s using her for her wedding too, and I can’t wait to see her again!

stripesStripes: So you already heard a little bit about this, but stripes are my favorite pattern (sorry polka dots), and I loved having them as part of my wedding.

Etsy and this seller saved my life, because I thought I was going to have to ask my mom to buy a ton of fabric and sew these striped runners for me. I probably should have ironed them, but still love the way that they turned out on the white tablecloths. Ribbon (here) was off Amazon. The Husband’s tie can be found here, and you can just see a bit of his wedding gift (bike tie bar) sticking out.

backsJust a quick break for shots of my favorite men ever (and my very bare back)! Our first dance song was “Swept Away (Sentimental Verision” by the Avett Brothers (who I love very much), and my daddy-daughter song was “Edelweiss” from The Sound of Music, which had very special meaning to my dad and I.

cakeandcupcakesCake: Who doesn’t love wedding cake? Not this girl! We had cupcakes for all the guests (white, strawberry wine, and chocolate peanut butter) and a little topper cake for The Husband and I to cut and feed to each other (yes, I smashed it in his face). The little cake toppers were meant to be us (and The Puppy). I made them myself with cheap Walmart paint and a kit from Etsy. I did them in a weekend and literally laid on the floor of our office in pure joy, because I’m NOT paint-artsy. It was amazing.

centerpiecesCenterpieces: Each table had a different centerpiece. Half of the tables had beer bottle arrangements tied with more stripe ribbon (middle photo above). The Husband loves drinking and brewing beer, and I wanted to make sure that he was represented, so I thought that was a nice way to do it (totally stolen off Pinterest). The other half of the tables had vintage canisters on them (each one different). We were engaged for maybe two months when I knew I wanted to do that, so we scoured local antique stores for cheap pitchers, vases, flour/sugar canisters, and lard buckets. I love how our florist made them “connected” but unique.

reception1The Song: In case you were wondering, yes, I did get my guitar song. The Husband ran out to grab his guitar from his car and snuck it back upstairs. He had collaborated with our DJ for her to make an announcement, and I was shocked beyond belief. He played “Fallin'” by the Lumineers, which we have seen in concert. Clearly by my face, I love every second of it.

Wow! So much fun re-living that all and getting to share it all with you. Thanks so much again for your well wishes and cheer for The Husband and I back in April (and now)! He’s the best ever, and I’m lucky to have him (end mushy post now)!