Brunch Wear


I wore this to brunch with B last week, and tomorrow, she’ll be a married woman! I love how brunch is a chance to catch up with friends, eat delicious food, and still look cute (roomy dresses help).

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Selling the old house last night and meeting our very sweet buyer!
  • Buying the new house this afternoon and meeting our very nice sellers!
  • Half-day of work (only so I could go to the closing)
  • Dress rehearsal for bestie B’s wedding (and you know, her WEDDING)!
  • Mimosa Bar at the wedding this weekend…you’ll be able to find me there!
  • I finally ended up ordering the stripe pocket dress from JCrew (here – the price was too good on Monday this week), so fingers crossed it works out!
  • Making The Husband take me to this buffet brunch on Sunday
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Packing, packing, packing.

Happy weekend, friends! Hope you enjoy yours!


  • Sarah Simpson

    Your pictures look extra awesome today!

    • Thanks Sarah! It’s because I actually got to see the midday light, thanks to my flex schedule at work! ;)

  • I’ve actually been eyeing that cognac belt from Target, so I appreciate a few pics of how to style it and how it looks in real life! You look great, as always!

    • The belt is great, especially since you can make it any “tightness” level that you want because of all the holes! The color is exactly what I wanted too. Thanks for the love, Caroline!

  • Cute brunch outfit! Love the neon stripes!