IMA 100 Acres


Last Wednesday, The Husband and I were losing it with all the packing and planning for our two closings (selling a house and buying a house). So we decided to head down to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the 100 Acres extension of the museum.

It was a nice relaxing hour or so of walking around and see all the exhibits. Plus, I got to wear stripes and have tacos afterwards. What more could a girl possibly want?

p.s. If the skeleton artwork above (“Funky Bones,” by Joep Van Lieshout) looks familiar, it is likely because it was recently featured in “The Fault in Our Stars” movie (a duplicate actually). The movie/book is actually based in Indianapolis (for the most part). Fun facts, huh?!


  • Krista

    I looked at that dress at Target the other day, and it seemed super shear. Do you find it to be that way when wearing it?

    • It is slightly sheer when just hanging there, but I definitely did not notice it while one, and I’m pretty sure I was just wearing nude undergarments when I wore this, but I can’t tell at all! Hope that helps, Krista!

  • I went to the IMA when I was back a couple weeks ago and I wish we’d had more time to look around. We only had a couple hours. I definitely want to go back sometime and see more of the exhibits!

    • I loved it too and can ALWAYS find something new, so I don’t blame you at all! It’s such a great treasure for Indy!