Frumpy Shorts


These. Shorts.

The Husband is not a fan. My mom is probably going to say that they are not flattering. And still, I had to have them (such is life). But I dare you to try them on and say that they aren’t the most comfortable shorts ever.

Double dog dare you!

Today’s fun highlights:

  • Finishing up packing!
  • Day off of work.
  • Treating myself to a fun breakfast (complete with coffee)
  • See my parents and in-laws this weekend (because they are super gracious with their time and/or love moving boxes…one of the two?)
  • Getting to live in our very own house that we picked out together as a new couple! Our old house was one that I owned before meeting The Husband.
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • Finishing up packing.

Happy weekend, friends! Think of me moving boxes (I promise to stop complaining about it next week…when it is over), while you enjoy whatever you are doing!


  • Kaci

    Shirt twins! I wear mine to work with a navy pencil skirt and statement necklace. Good luck moving – hope the weather here in Indy stays dry for you!

    • Brilliant move with the navy pencil skirt, I might have to try that soon! And we got some rain when I was just unloading boxes from my car, and luckily it stopped before the movers got there! Huge success, thanks, Kaci! :)

  • I actually like those shorts! They’ve got a great “I’m relaxed and cool about it” vibe.

    dash dot dotty

    • Thanks Dotty! I don’t think any one has ever said that about my style, so WIN in my book! ;)

  • The shirt and the necklace looked fab together on IG. I like seeing the rest of the outfit. Some of the most unflattering items are the most comfortable and everyone else just has to suck it up while you feel comfy in your clothes.

  • Frumpy shorts are the best! I have a pair like that in navy blue and they’re great! They crease like crazy but I don’t care!