July 2014 Budget

July, July, July. Where the heck did you go? I didn’t have a ton of time to shop, but apparently I did enough to just meet my budget! I still have to receive/try on the Ann Taylor items, but for now, I’m included them in this round up. I’ll keep you posted next month if anything goes back!

Check out July’s budget below to see the damage:


July 2014 Budget
+ Mossimo Supply Co. Sneakers (Gray) – $11 ($15 originally – here)
+ Mossimo Supply Co. Glitter Flat Sandals – $15 ($20 originally – here)
+ Mossimo White Shorts – $20 ($20 originally – here)
+Mossimo Supply Co. Hawaii Soft Short – $20 ($20 originally – here)
+ Loft Purple Circle Skirt – $20 ($40 originally – here)
+ Mossimo Tropical Leaf Print Maxi Dress – $0 ($33 originally – 20% off sale – 10% cartwheel – giftcard – here)
+ Ann Taylor White Jeans – $19.50 ($65 originally – no longer online)
+ Ann Taylor White Rope Tassel Belt – $10.50 ($35 originally – here)
+ Ann Taylor Club Stripe Tee – $10.50 ($35 originally – here)
+ Ann Taylor Embellished Perfect Shirt – $18 ($60 originally – here)
+ Ann Taylor Rope Stripe Pencil Skirt – $24 ($80 originally – here)
+ Ann Taylor Stripe Split Neck Dress – $33 ($110 originally – here)

Goal: $200
Total Spent: $201.50 + $24 in giftcards
Amount Under/Over: -$1.50 = $200 – $201.50
Total Saved: $298.50 = $500 (if not on sale) – $201.50
Item Count: 12
Carryover to Next Month: $82.80 = $84.30 – $1.50

Thoughts on my purchases this month: I purchased this dress from J.Crew Factory, and somehow the wrong zip code got put on it, so it is currently making its way back to J.Crew Factory to be sent back to me, so hopefully I’ll see it soon to determine whether I’m keeping it or not!

I also just unpacked my entire closet, and I told The Husband that I either have to get rid of a ton of things or never buy another pair of shoes again, so we’ll see what happens. I was even overwhelmed by how much I own! Hopefully, this move will inspire me to remix and see things in new ways!

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  • Ele

    whoa! you scored some great deals at Ann Taylor! My go to is usually the Loft (they always have promos on sales on sales on sales!), but with sales this good I may have to keep an eye on the original AT as well…and yeah I’m about to move as well. I’d say make a list of staple pieces and edit down what you have. Don’t be afraid to let go of things you don’t wear/don’t fit well/nwt but never worn, etc. It can be hard to let go b/c you always think “what if I need it?” “i may wear it later” “it was on sale!” but it’s so much nicer to have a closet full of things that fit well and that you actually wear. You can sell and donate all the others. I know I feel good when I get rid of things. You’re def on the right track though keeping a detailed list the way you do. That’s something I def want to implement again! :-)

    Ele @ http://inspirationele.blogspot.com/

    • Definitely needed this post, Ele, so thanks so much for putting into words what I needed to hear. I’m definitely one of those people who think “What if I need it in a month” so I just need to get beyond that. I’m thinking of doing a capsule challenge soon, so we’ll see where that takes me.

  • That maxi dress is such a pretty print for summer! I was tempted by some of AT’s sales as well (the bathing suits are too cute!!), which surprised me – I don’t remember them being into such amazing sales, but I’ll take it :)

  • Great stuff as usual! I feel you on the overwhelming amount of…things. I’ve become addicted to Poshmark this month, and I find myself perusing my closet almost daily, trying to find more things to get rid of. It’s freeing, but I hope I don’t regret it later and cry over the loss of my stuff. ;-)

  • That leaf print maxi dress looks soooo fun! It seems like such a fun dress to wear like at a resort or something. And I like that you got so many classic pieces like the white pants and gray sneakers – I bet those will become such a staple for you!

    • I can’t wait to wear the maxi during my vacation, and it will be perfect for summer parties in the future! And yes, already obsessed with the sneakers, and still need to get up the guts to wear the white pants…and not spill anything!

  • Kristen Warren

    oooh that striped dress is cuuute. i really like the maxi as well, so fun!