Paisley Power

DSC060011DSC059821DSC060021DSC059911DSC059971Shortest post ever to thank everyone for the moving well wishes. It went beyond well, and we’re fully moved into our new place. Special shout out to both my and The Husband’s parents for being such amazing help!

We’re currently in the stage of unpacking box after box, but we are probably 60% done…and then I get to DECORATE (it’s the little things).

How was your weekend?!


  • I always loved that skirt from Target. So pretty and goes with everything!
    Best of luck unpacking, and have fun decorating!

    • Thanks Caroline. The unpacking is done and the decorating shall begin this fall (or more like, updating the decorating, since we do have things on the wall)!

  • LOVE this necklace and skirt, you look gorgeous!

  • that necklace looks like it was made to go with this skirt — which is one of my faves from merona, btw! so glad your moving & unpacking went well! it can turn into such an ordeal!

    • You just went through a move yourself, lady! So I’m glad you can relate! And yes, this skirt is so great…like all of the doubleweave Merona ones. Love them!