Stripes for Days


Today’s fun highlights:

  • Last day of work for the week!
  • And 13 more working days (after today) until we leave for Hawaii!
  • Anniversary (of dating) dinner with The Husband tonight
  • FOUR different stripes in this outfit (blazer lining, dress, wedges, and the inside lining of the purse is stripes)! Obsessed much?
  • The Fourth Annual Blueberry Party is happening this weekend! This party started because I wanted to go blueberry picking (and did!), but then had a ton of leftover blueberries. So two friends and I started a party where you had to contribute one dish/drink that had blueberries involved somehow, someway. We all get to vote on the best dish. Some memorable previous entries: blueberry home-brewed beer, blueberry salsa (2012 winner), blueberry pulled pork (2013 winner), and white chocolate blueberry bread pudding (2011 winner). So fun (and delicious)!
  • I’ve placed in the top 3 every year, but haven’t taken home a victory yet. 2014 is my year!
Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • The Puppy has figured out how to scale our chain link fence and escape. Luckily, The Husband has worked from home all this week and has been able to catch him in the act and “recapture” him. We’re putting in an invisible fence this weekend. Yikes!

Happy weekend, friends! Think of me moving boxes (I promise to stop complaining about it next week…when it is over), while you enjoy whatever you are doing!


  • On Target item: Merona Navy and White Stripe Wedges (exact – $15!)
  • Blazer: Merona, Target (Fall 2013; similar 1, similar 2)
  • Dress: Old Navy (Spring 2014; exact – limited sizes left, similar)
  • Necklace: Target (Fall 2013; other tassel options below…I want them all!)
  • Purse: Madewell (exact)