This New Hat


This hat. I saw it on Tracy’s Instagram (here) first. Then randomly found myself in Forever21 a few days later. It was sitting right in front of the store on a pretty little display. I grabbed it, tried it on, and fell deep, deep, deeply in love. It even beat a striped purse in a purchasing stand-off (you know the kind…”This item or this item, one or two, A or B…”).

When it beats stripes, you know it is serious. Love at first try on.

*Warning, it is still pretty hot here in Indiana for a hat like this. Expect to see it 12 million times this fall and winter though.


  • On Target item: Mossimo Supply Co. Two-Tone Flat Sandals (exact)
  • Hat: Forever21 (Fall 2014; exact)
  • Tee: Mossimo Supply Co., Target (Summer 2013; same style, similar colors – here)
  • Belt: Kohl’s (Christmas 2013 gift from MIL; similar)
  • Purse: Madewell (exact)
  • Skirt: Old Navy (Spring 2014; exact)

  • Preshcutie

    I cannot wait to see what you do with this hat come fall/winter. I am hat envious because my head is oddly shaped and therefore cannot support a hat. Rock it girl!

    • You just need to find the right one! But seriously, can’t wait for fall to wear it more.

  • Yes to that hat!! You look bad awesome!! Come fall and winter I need to wear hats more!

  • Rebecca B

    This is the perfect hat shape for you! Dorbs.