Short Lived Stripes


I wore this outfit for exactly two hours at work before I got a phone call that The Puppy had escaped from our backyard and had been taken by a neighborhood jogger (I owe you for life, dear sweet lady!) to a local vet office where his microchip was scanned and up popped me and my cell phone number.

He’s fine. I’m fine (now). I couldn’t stop crying on my drive to go retrieve him, and I’m pretty sure that The Husband and my mom could only understand half of what I was saying on my frantic phone calls to them to explain what had happened.

I had planned on putting him in the house until after work, but drove three blocks away from our house and couldn’t stop crying. I turned the car around. Personal day, it was.

My little furbaby and I went for a calming run, had some treats (ice cubes for him, Dove chocolate for me), and snuggled for the entire afternoon. Completely worth it.

Hug your fur babies tight tonight from me (and side note, microchipping your pet is WORTH it)!