Black, Brown, and Lace


Who’s that classy girl wearing white, black, and brown?

Oh, it’s the same girl who spilled coffee and dribbled juice from a peach on this dress. It’s her.

Told you I could not be trusted to wear white! But The Husband bought me this dress when we first started dating (“because every girl should have a pretty dress” – direct quote, cue the awwws), so wear it, I shall!


  • awwwwwwwww

    :) (no but seriously, that’s adorable)

  • Awwww! You look so cute!! I definitely need to wear my white dresses more!

    • That’s how I feel about them, but anymore, you can’t wear them to many “events”, but I guess everyday wear is an event too! :)

  • How sweet! Good job, husband.
    That dress really is pretty, and I love it with the black and brown accents.

  • I just cannot resist an “awww!” This dress is beautiful on you. It was only a fore gleam of the fancier white dress you just wore with him. My husband bought me two articles of clothing while we were dating. A buffalo check shirt and a burgundy cardigan. Though neither of them fit anymore, I will always cherish them because I know how much he hates shopping and how much shopping for me means he loves me.

  • The Adored Life

    LOOOOOVVVEEEEE THIS! I will not say aw. But I totally want to