Red, White, and Striped


Please tell me that you guys have heard Taylor Swift’s new song (if not, click here)? After Monday’s post (here), it’s not a surprise to you that I’ve listen to it maybe 100,000 times.

I listened to it maybe 20,000 times before The Husband said enough was enough, so then I got headphones. Tricky Trickster right here.

I’ve probably worn this dress about as many times I have listen to the new song, but this is the first time it’s appeared on the blog. Fail me. But now you get to see it! Congrats!


  • I love this dress on you and T-Swift’s new song! It’s bubbly and uplifting and wonderful!!

  • I try so hard to stay away from Target as I have no discipline when it comes to that store and they ALWAYS have something I just can’t live without, but then I browse your blog or Instagram and see something I need that very day on my lunch break :) Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but you really should get commission from them!!

    • Hahaha. I adore you, Leah. Thanks for the love. I’ll be sure to include your thoughts in my monthly letter to Target on why they should hire me! ;)

  • Love this! And it’s just the kind of outfit to see right now when I’m second-guessing myself a little on this capsule wardrobe thing. When I see how perfect something like this is, I’m reminded that what the heck more do I even need in my wardrobe besides some great stripes and flats? :) I could wear this every day.

    • Right? This is exactly where I want to head for the capsule wardrobe. Mixing and matching accessories with it…like a floral scarf or some ankle boots? I can do this…I think.

      • Totally! Such a good base to make so many great outfits from – it’s the kind of piece that’s so versatile that having it in your closet makes you feel like you always have something available to wear… and THAT’S what I want from a capsule.

  • I thought about this dress long and hard, but I decided no since I already had both of the striped tee dresses. It’s adorable here with the red and the white belt.

    • I actually like it better than both the stripe tee dresses, but I also don’t have to deal with the heat/humidity of the South….so don’t pay any attention to me. Thanks, lady!

  • That dress looks so comfy and cute!!

  • This dress is perfection! I also love the red bag.