Bow Ties and Polka Dots


Oh what did you say? Today was my last day of work before vacation, and I’m beaming from ear to ear. I’m about to go grab a latte and get to packing for the trip.

Because, of course, I procrastinated to the nth degree. Typical. I do this thing called “mental packing” which is when I just think of all the things I want to bring. Well, that isn’t like actual packing, it turns out…because all those things don’t fit into a carry-on suitcase.

First World Problems.


  • Kaci

    Love this! Anything with polka dots is basically my favorite thing.

  • Oh vacation! I am so jealous! I want time off so badly. I love all of these colors together and then the belt adds so much interest! Very cool!

  • That tie neck blouse is so adorable–love the color! Happy vacation to you :)

    • Thanks lady! I have the hardest time finding things that work with this top, but I love this mix of orange and navy!

  • Rebecca B

    This toooooooop, I love it! The bow!