Five for Friday, Vol. 43

five for friday*”Five for Friday” is where I feature five items from Target’s website that I am lusting after and feel could work wonders, if I had them in my daily wardrobe.

Thank goodness I’m done with my August budget post for the month. Otherwise, I might have to buy four out of the five items above (I may or may not have already bought one).

Fall is my favorite season, and I’m loving most of what Target is putting down for the fall. The ankle boots are classic and appear to be the most perfect tan (will have to confirm, I guess…le sigh!), and I just can’t get this yellow purse out of my head (though I wish they made it in the smaller size).

I ended up seeing the iPad mini deal in Target’s Weekly Ad and immediately started my research on it. I ended up pulling the trigger on it and getting it, because we have two trips planned in the next month, and I’ve wanted a regular iPad for quite some time. I was unsure about the mini size, but LOVE it so far (I’ve it about 5 days now).

What are you scoring this fall?

  1. Inspire Key Pendant Necklace (only $7.99 this week!)
  2. AMBAR Black Floral Print Dress (with mesh collar)
  3. Apple iPad Mini ($100 off this week – crazy deal!)
  4. Mossimo Tan Strap Ankle Boots (love the low heel on these…and the COLOR!)
  5. Merona Yellow Satchel Purse (see it on me here on Instagram)

  • Ooh I just spotted those boots on Target’s site too – I KNEW they’d come through for me soon in my quest for a great cognac ankle boot for my capsule wardrobe. Going to try these on today!! And awesome deal on the iPad mini… that’s seriously tempting because it is so great for travel.

    • Ooooo! Good luck, I hope they work, and I need to get on board with whether I am going to join your “lifestyle change”. I want to soooo bad, I just need to find the time to commit to planning.

      • I know – it really does take time to plan the whole thing, so I keep telling people who want to participate that even if the capsule isn’t quite done by the Sept 2 link up, you can share plans/process/wishlist instead – mine’s not going to be quite ready either probably since I’m still gathering a few things that I discovered were wardrobe holes in the process of purging my closet and creating a list of ideal items for my capsule. Not to mention that it’s going to be too hot around here for a little bit to even wear the most fall-ish of the items anyway! But I am giving myself a cutoff date – if it’s not in the capsule by then, it’s not happening, since part of my purpose in doing this is to simplify and cut out shopping for a period. So if I keep hunting for items to fill out the capsule indefinitely, then that kinda defeats the purpose… and maybe if it takes that long to fill a hole, perhaps it’s not actually a “hole”! Anyway, lots to consider. But I hope you’re able to join in – I’d love to see what you come up with.

  • LOVE the bag and boots. Both look amazing for fall!

  • I love all of these picks!! Those boots, that bag! I’m absolutely obsessed with my iPad Mini! My mom got it for me as a graduation present last June and I love it! I use it everyday! Welcome to the club!